Date: October 21st, 2012
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Transhackerfeminist Oscillator Kit

The TransHackerFeminist Oscillator Kit explores the Oscillator both as a circuit, a computer algorithm and a dispositive for the performance of gender. When there is difference, there is oscillation. Starting from the concept of the kits distributed for DIY electronic circuits, the Transhackerfeminist Oscillator Kit is composed of components that permit the user to build their own social and technological performance. Mixing hardware, software, texts, images, scripts and instructions, it explores the concept of social structure as a performative circuit or operating system that can be bent or hacked. The kit embodies the fertile meeting of hackers and transfeminists and their shared aims and methods.

Politization and problemisation of the circuit, of the algorithm. Science and circuits as performative dispositives. Intuitive and artistic investigation of the effect of the different waveforms.

We seek to bring another understanding to technology and to generate a collective research project which results in a common technosocial toolkit, understanding social constructs as waveforms, just as audio is synthesised from oscillators or radio waves communicate via the oscillating crystal of a radio station. Understanding the oscillator and its 4 primary waves as the building blocks of synthetic identities, exploring how waveforms function as metaphors for social constructs.

Historically the project is inspired by the nato.0+55 project by Netochka Nevzanova in the late 90s, early 00s, in which she resignified the objects of the Max operating systems and the Mongrel remix of Photoshop, Heritage Gold, which reconfigures Photoshop as a tool for the criticism of racial stereotypes. The creation of this kit is a transhackerfeminist collective project a materialisation of the meeting of hacker and transfeminist communities that, through this kit, express a common purpose : reconfiguring, resignifying, hacking, opening the way things work, socially and technologically.

In the creation of the kit have participated collectives like PostOp (, Mutanger (, Transnoise (  andl artists, thinkers and hackers such as Pedro Soler (, Xavi Daax! (!/ ) or Beka Iglesias from the Olholivre collective (

The TransHackerFeminist Oscillator Kit contains the Oscillator Kit which can be used for Identity Synthesis (additive, subtractive, AM, RM) as well as an Amplifier of Difference and other circuits such as the Identity Sampler still to be developed. In the digital Oscillator which periodically reads a function in order to generate a waveform we insert functions, narratives, which create the waveforms. The kit began development as a collective project at the Summerlab in Alg-A Lab in August 2012 and continued at the Artopocode Summerlab meeting in Guimaraes (Portugal) Oct 2012.  A first version of the kit can be downloaded here

We now wish to develop the hardware and software, integrating more fully the social and technical interpretations and building the machines that would be in the exhibition and preparing the circuits for the kit.

Sample components :
1. spoken word
2. definitions of Oscillation
3. Simple Oscillator Synthesiser (Pure Data)
4. Oscillator Forms & Combinations (Processing)
5. Oscillator, Amplifier, Quartz Crystal Radio Oscillator (electronic circuits)
these would include custom made circuit boards – 1 for each of the 5 fundamental wave forms –  and the electronic components required for making the oscillators.
6. Models of Synthesis AM, Ring, Additive, Subtractive
8. Notes on Performativity butler, preciado, sontag etc.
9. Disguise components (to cut out)

Functions are narrative routines : each culture will have its functions we would deliver a series of functions appropriate to Ireland as well as inviting contributions.

Inappropriate behaviours (Inapropriadas)
Macho talk (Lingua Macho)
Bitterness (Rencor)
Super wave (Pedazo de Onda song by Biscuits Salés)
candy candy (japanese comic)

circuit by post-op 


  1. psps  
    November 4th, 2012


    This paper from Martin Fussenegger’s group is the first robust, tunable synthetic oscillator in mammalian cells; that is, individual cells will glow on and off for many cycles with tunable frequency and amplitude. It’s a big step in terms of oscillator design, and future work will further improve the oscillations and allow for synchronized behavior between populations of cells.



  3. psps  
    November 4th, 2012

  4. Lecturas paralelas del proceso de instalación de linux

    – de PostOp


    […] Transhackerfeminist Oscillator Kit […]


  5. psps  
    July 15th, 2014

  6. Since an oscillator is the simplest clock generation source creating a single output frequency from a single component at the core of all circadian clocks is at least one internal autonomous circadian oscillator . These oscillators contain positive and negative elements that form autoregulatory, feedback loops, and in many cases these loops are used to generate 24-hour timing circuits. Components of these loops can directly or indirectly receive environmental input to allow entraiment of the clock to environmental time and transfer temporal information through output pathways to regulate rhythmic clock-controlled gene (CCG) expression and rhythmic biological activity.


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