Date: April 16th, 2020
Cate: projects

Fungal Clock Spore Receiver

The fungal clock cultivates ambient fungal time, building a portrait of spore space and its rhythms. It is also an experimental dispositive for communication and divination.

El reloj fúngico cultiva el tiempo de los hongos, retratando el espacio esporal y sus rítmos. Es tambien un dispositivo experimental para la comunicación y la divinación.

Collaboration with Mycelium Network Society.

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    […] is a project initiated after Pedro Soler ( Fungal Clock it is also continuation of my grasping the invisible research. In this particular work I try to collect time though the growth of spores invisible for us floating in the air, we breathe and eat. Pedro dedicated an entire spores receiver project part of the Mycelia Network Society […]


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