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Date: October 21st, 2012
Cate: actividades, projects
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Transhackerfeminist Oscillator Kit

The TransHackerFeminist Oscillator Kit explores the Oscillator both as a circuit, a computer algorithm and a dispositive for the performance of gender. When there is difference, there is oscillation. Starting from the concept of the kits distributed for DIY electronic circuits, the Transhackerfeminist Oscillator Kit is composed of components that permit the user to build their own social and technological performance. Mixing hardware, software, texts, images, scripts and instructions, it explores the concept of social structure as a performative circuit or operating system that can be bent or hacked. The kit embodies the fertile meeting of hackers and transfeminists and their shared aims and methods.

Politization and problemisation of the circuit, of the algorithm. Science and circuits as performative dispositives. Intuitive and artistic investigation of the effect of the different waveforms.