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Date: February 21st, 2020
Cate: expos


Spore is a 5-panel reflection on the transmission of life and consciousness through space. Silicon carbide molecules were discovered in the Murchison meteorite that are older than the sun itself. They would have travelled during aeons through interstellar space before being incorporated into the meteorite and finally arriving on earth in 1969. Carbon is the basic building block of organic life, while silicon is the base of currently emerging AI life. There were also organic compounds, sugars and fossils found in the meteorite, supporting the Panspermia paradigm, that life on earth is and has been in a constant interstellar dialogue.

Date: February 13th, 2020
Cate: actividades, projects

ICFY, Quito, 23.1.20

ICFY, No les puedo perdonar. Gracias Pachaqueer y el festival Performacula por la invitación, a Laura Areiza para la canción Huitote, a Sebastian Iturralde para el apoyo en carpinteria y a la Divina Papaya para la documentación y apoyo. Performance en el centro histórico de Quito, delante del antiguo banco central.

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